What We Do...

American Protein Purveyors is a complete process meat company that specializes in the production and sale of beef products to the foodservice and retail industries. APP owns and operates 5 beef plants in the United States that are strategically located across the country to service our customers by region. APP's regional operations allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality products in the most cost-effective manner. Regional servicing allows APP more flexibility in meeting customer demand while at the same time providing cost savings to our clients in freight and handling. In addition to APP's manufacturing operations, APP also owns and operates American Protein Transport. APT ships and delivers every order that leaves APP facilities each day. APT handles fresh, never frozen deliveries to some of the nation's largest restaurant chains, as well fresh and frozen packaged meats to grocery stores across the United States.

Our Promise...

At American Protein, we make it our mission, to provide the highest quality product to our customers. APP is committed to providing only the finest, ethically sourced and honestly marketed meats.

Working at American Protein Purveyors!

Harvest & Cut

Join the team responsible for the detailed process of humanely harvesting APP beef. Our harvest and cut floors are the pinnacle of the industry. APP has designed and implemented some of the industry's highest rated safety and efficiency-based harvest practices that are used in facilities all over the world. Joining this team means being a part of a world leader and innovator in the meat industry.

Portioning & Packaging

Portioning and Packaging handles all the little details that go in to delivering the best steaks money can buy. APP's portioning operations were developed to ensure all our products meet the highest standards of quality. We finish off by packaging all our products in Cry-O-Vac, where we remove up to 99% of the air from the package and seal it tight. This translates into a longer shelf life for the consumer.

Shipping & Recieving

APP's Shipping and Receiving department is responsible for the transport and delivery of every pound of meat that leaves our plants. APP's shipping and delivery departments staff a variety of positions from order pickers, to inventory controllers, forklift operators and truck drivers. It takes quite the team of hardworking individuals to keep our trucks on schedule.