Why Work At American Protein?

American Protein loves to build from within. While APP is always looking for talented individuals to join our team, APP also knows that sometimes the best investments in people, are investments that are made from within. It is our goal to develop our own people into APP's leaders of the future. This philosophy has seen the development and promotion of many of the members of management in our plants today. We belive nobody knows APP better than those who come to work here everyday and we want to reward those people for their hard work and dedication.

What is the Culture like at APP?

At APP we work to keep the culture and enviornment in which we operate as positive as possible. APP recognizes that it is easier for the workforce to get up each day and come to work, when the enviornment they are working in, is always positive. APP's approach to positivity is simple. When positivity is a priority, it spreads, and APP trains it managers to understand that employees want to work for people that are positive and uplifting. It is APP's expectation that everyone that steps foot in our facilities will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

What are some of the benefits of working for American Protein?

American Protein's Benefit package is top of the industry. We work hard to continually evalute the industry to make sure we remain at the top when it comes to pay and benfits. We access cost of living yearly and provide our workforce with increases in relation to those cost of living changes but we all know that there is more to it than just how much we get paid. The benefits of working at a company are just as important. At APP we offer the best to our employees, and those benefits include...


  • 95% Paid Health Insurance Premiums. APP pays 95% of our employees insurance premiums and the employee picks up the remaining 5%. This keeps insurance premiums affordable for our employees whether they are a single individual or a family of 10. Every one pays 5% of the premium.
  • 100% Paid Dental Insurance. While dental insurance is a bit different than medical insurance and typically doesn't carry the same price tag, that doesn't mean it is any less important. However, because those premiums are cheaper, we make dental benefits, a true benefit, by covering the cost in full. It's the least we could do.

Paid Time Off

  • Paid Vacations. Vacation time is earned through service to the company and is awarded on an annual basis. Once an employee has complete 60 days of employment with APP, they receieve 3 days of paid time off, 2 sick days and 1 personal day. When the employee hits the 180 day mark, they recieve 2 more days of paid time off, 1 more sick day and 1 more personal day. This is what an employee will carry for their first year. Once the employee completes their first year, the numbers reset and an employee again has a week of paid time off, 3 sick days and 2 personal days (a total of 2 weeks) for the year. Once an employee finishes year 2, we add a day off of paid time off per year of employment thereafter.

In addition to those benefits, we also offer...

  • 401k with company match
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • College Tuition Assitance
  • Full Service On-Site Cafeteria
  • Employee Discount on all of APP's Products
  • Discount programs to area and national companies, just for APP employees